Size Guide
Color *Tires sold as single tire - please order 2 for set*


The Vredestein Fortezza Senso Superiore Road Tyre is the fastest rolling tyre in the Vredestein range due to its 320 TPI casing that's combined with the AWS compound. Producing excellent grip in the dry & wet this Senso is truly Superiore.

The Vredestein Fortezza Senso Superiore Road Tyre features a 320 TPI casing to produce, almost, unrivalled low rolling resistance making this tyre the one of the fastest on the market. This is combined with TriComp Technology® to ensure durability and excellent road feel. TriComp Technology® allows specific rubber compounds to be used in the application they're most suited, resulting in a tyre with a very low rolling resistance and incredible grip in all weather conditions. 

The Vredestein Fortezza Senso Superiore Road Tyre features excellent puncture protection. Using a tightly woven polyamide layer embedded in the central overlap of the highly flexible casing the Fortezza protects the tube from external forces. 

If you want a genuinely fast race tyre that will push you past any personal riding goal you've set then chose the Vredestein Fortezza Senso Superiore Road Tyre.

All Weather Silica (AWS) TriComp compound •
Superior wet and dry grip

320 TPI handmade cotton casing •
Low rolling resistance and high comfort

Polycotton anti-puncture layer •
Excellent puncture protection

 **All tires sold as single tire - please order 2 for set**


Sidi sizing guide

It's best when buying your Sidi Cycling Shoes online to know your size. If you have never worn a pair of Sidi shoes and don't know your size here is a size guide to help you.
Or head on over to your local Sidi dealer and get sized up. You can also buy your shoes directly from them! 

Mega = EE shoe fit 4mm of extra space across the ball of the foot

Women fits - "Women specific" shoes are a narrower and smaller version of the regular fit option. The heel and ankle areas have also been narrowed.

How do I know if its a good fit?
Is it to big? To test if your shoes are to big, put your shoes on and stand up straight. Try to pull your heels up, if you can easily do this your shoe might be to big.
Some people have narrow heels, if you know this to be true we recommend getting a shoe with a heel retention device. This will allow the heel to be narrowed.

Is it to small? If you stand up with your shoes on and your toes are touching the front, your shoe is small. You don't want any toes touching the front of the shoe, this will create hot or numb toes on long rides. You want to be able to wiggle your toes a bit, but not feel like they are "sloshing around"

Tip* Try on your new Sidi Shoes with the cycling socks you normally wear


Here are two charts to help you find your size.

If the shoe doesn't fit? Don't worry, we offer a 1 free resize policy to make sure you are very comfortable on your bike