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August 31, 2017 2 min read

Sidi champions were major players in Val di Sole for the 2017 World Cup Finals.

Sidihas always been a major player, even in the mountain bike sector. The 2017 MTB World Cup Finals, featuring both cross country and downhill events, were held last weekend against the splendid background offered by Val di Sole in Trentino, Italy.

The cross country race brought yet another important achievement to Sidiand their champions. After a fantastic season, the Ukrainian biker Yana Belomoina (CST Sandd American Eagle Mtb Racing Team) fulfilled her grand goal of capturing the general classificationin the MTB XC World Cup. Here in Val di Sole, Belomoina closed out in second place, right behind Switzerland’s Jolanda Neff; Russian Irina Kalentyeva also got a good result for Sidi when she came in fourth. For Yana Belomoina this final round was a pure formality and a triumphant showcase. She has been a surprizing breakthrough rider in the 2017 season; she had already built up her success with victories at Albstadt (Germany), in Vallnord (Andorra) and at Mont-Sainte-Anne (Canada), scoring three wins in six World Cup races.

Giving battle in the race and now shining on the top step of the 2017 World Cup podium, Yana Belomoina can count on her Sidi shoes. The company from Maser has provided her with their MTB TIGER and MTB DRAKO Carbon Srs models, which are the top of the line shoes in Sidi’s off road collection. Furthermore, Sidi is also the official partner of the entire CST Sandd American Eagle Mountainbike Racing Team. The heart and engine of the team is Bart Brentjens, owner and team manager. His is a prestigious name in the world of MTB. With the gold medal he won in the 1996 Atlanta Games, Brentjens was the first ever Olympic champion in the history of this sport as an Olympic event, and Sidi shoes were right there with him on that unforgettable, historical day in Atlanta.

The collection of victories keeps expanding; after winning the European Titlein Darfo Boario Terme, now there is also the World Cup. Yana Belomoina, born in 1992, could have a bright future ahead of her. Now her plans will focus on the World Championships in Cairns, Australia, two weeks from now. And looking further ahead there is the dream of a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

In the XC elite men’s race, which was held as well in Val di Sole, Sidi made it to the podium with a massive Julien Absalon (BMC Mtb Racing Team) in third place. This season hasn’t been simple for him, but he is still one of the best ever MTB greats. Sidi also did well in this test with Switzerland’s Thomas Litscher and Italian Luca Braidot making it into the Top10, in sixth and ninth place, respectively.

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