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SIDI originated as an artisan laboratory for the manufacture of trekking shoes.


MOD. TITANIUM. The first cycling shoes conceived, projected and produced by DINO SIGNORI revolutionized completely the shoe plate fixing system, giving the opportunity via adjustable screws to find the right position on the pedals, replacing for good, fixed nails.


For the first time ever, it is used a nylon sole able to maintain the same rigidity at different temperatures.


The MOD. REVOLUTION. marked an important period for SIDI.
The introduction of velcro instead of laces closure, along with the modern look of the shoe with a nylon sole, revolutionized completely the normal line of cycling shoes, this confirming SIDI as a world leader manufacturer of cycling equipment.
SPENCER MOD. conceived and realized for the young champion: Freddie Spencer.


The first MTB and CYCLE CROSS shoe with the rubber sole was produced.


SIDI is absolutely one of the first companies to believe in LORICA®'s quality, a new synthetic material much like leather. It is suprisingly soft for its strength, water repellent and breathing capability. SIDI was the first one to use lorica to produce cycling shoes.


MOD. GENIUS The technical evolution of the quick release pedal led us to study a new closure system instead of velcro, now unable to support the athlete's efforts. So we created the micrometrical buckle, later named MICRO LOCK, the first ever adopted on a cycling shoe, adjustable also while racing.
Tested by famous riders like: Fignon, Kelly and Fondriest.


The MTB line included more models like the famous DOMINATOR and CHALLENGE, with the new two coloured sole compatible with the best pedals on the market. Tested and used by Thomas Frischknecht and Daniele Pontoni.


GENIUS 2 with a new sole characterized by an aerodynamic shape and new design, compatible with any type of pedal on the market. This sole's exceptionally light whilst keeping an optimal balance of rigidity with strength to withstand continuous flexing.


MOD. TOP ACTION. with the new "Quick Release Mechanism" closure.


TECNO and MTB FIRE: to exploit all the potential muscle power with the tested MICRO LOCK SYSTEM and the new MICRO LOCK EVOLUTION buckle which guarantees a perfect frontal shoe closure.


TOP ACTION MOD. SRS "Sole Replacement System" is a new system designed and patented by SIDI to allow complete replacement of off road boot soles by the user. It is a new way to change function without the need to change boot.


SIDI SHADOW is equipped with two exclusive closures:
1. The new Spider Buckle is even more Micrometric than before with click-by-click strap adjustment. It is easy to use while cycling and is replaceable.
2. The replaceable, rigid strap closure substitutes the traditional Velcro system and keeps the chosen position.
The MTB collection has also been updated with the model GHOST, with the same technical features as the model SHADOW.


Sidi was founded in 1960 and, for its 40th anniversary, has decided to present a new cycling shoe.
Energy, a blend of evolution, technology, lightness and harmony.

  • Sole Dual System
  • T-II System
  • Spider buckle


Sidi was founded in 1960 and, for its 40th anniversary, has decided to present a new MTB shoe, with its revolutionary Sole Replacement System.
Mtb Action Srs, a blend of evolution, technology, lightness and harmony

  • Sole Replacement System
  • T-II System
  • Spider buckle


ENERGY The closure on the instep on the Energy and the mtb Action Srs models has been modified and both now feature the Instep Closure System.
Ergonomically shaped it can be positioned to more evenly and securely position the loads across the top of the arch. Replaces the need for a high instep adaptor.


· Carbon sole. Ego 1 carbon is currently the only cycling shoe on the market, to feature a nylon sole with two replaceable 100% pure carbon inserts positioned in the metatarsus and arch support areas where the automatic pedal is fixed. The carbon inserts cover 60% of the surface of the sole, giving more rigidity than nylon but, at the same time, also providing increased flexibility and comfort in the toe area of the shoe, which allows improved blood circulation when the rider pushes on the pedals.


Security System. The Velcro® strap on the front part of the shoe features recessed (hidden) opposing polymer teeth that hook onto each other when the strap is closed.
This feature makes the closure more secure and the Velcro® unmoveable..


The first ever use of ceramic on a motorcycling boot.
The ceramic in the scuff pad does not wear out and allows enhanced sliding.


It is a nylon sole with two replaceable inserts positioned in the metatarsus and arch support areas
The inserts are produced in low-density material reinforced with 40 % carbon fibre. A light, very rigid and temperature-resistant sole.


For cyclists with a thin ankle Sidi has thought of, created and patented a mechanism that tightens the heel so that it doesn't come off during the harder parts of a race or a sprint.
Made in thermoplastic it can be easily replaced or removed.


The sole in full carbon that Sidi presents is unique and rare in its kind, because it's not completely rigid. This is due to the soles different thicknesses. Planned, projected and made to satisfy whomever requires a sole that is rigid but that does not compromise the foot's blood circulation, thus guaranteeing excellent comfort and great performance.
The new sole, that thanks to its thinness brings the foot closer to the pedal axis, has a replaceable rubber heel and an anti-slip insert on the top.


The Carbon Composite Sole is made with different thickness levels to provide a slight amount of flex while retaining excellent stiffness and power transfer in the body of the shoe.
The Carbon Composite sole is made out of injected Carbon Fiber in a matrix of Nylon. The Nylon used is preferable to standard Nylon because it doesn't absorb water and doesn't lose rigidity in hot or humid weather or as it ages.
 It includes an anti-slip insert at the toe and has a replaceable rubber heel pad.


The heart of the patented Mtb Srs carbon sole is a pure carbon insert reaching from the heel to the toe. The carbon insert as well as the replaceable Dragon SRS tread are bolted to a narrow, durable nylon frame. In order to achieve maximum shoe life the carbon inserts as well as the Dragon SRS tread are easily removable and replaceable.
 In addition an optional toe guard can be installed using the same screws as the insert.
A polyurethane anti-slip insert has been positioned in the Metatarsus area.
The sole's inserts and the screws are available as spare parts.
It is toe spike compatible.


improves fit by closing the back of the shoe more securely around the rider's ankle.
The heel retention device tightens the top of the heel cup so that it doesn't slip during steep climbs or sprints.
It can be adjusted with two small screws that work independently from each other.

Cycling shoe sizing guide

Sidi Size Guide

*Customers switching to Sidi Shoes or from Sidi;s more than 5 years old, may not wear the same size. All Sidi's, except for winter shoes, are built on the same last, but differences in patterns and materials so keep this in mind when switching between Sidi models. Every Sidi Shoe (except triathlon models) from 2002 onwards is stamped with its size and last type (and M indicates Mega or W indicates women's), Usually on the tongue.

Standard Width is considered as a D width

Mega = EE shoe fit 4mm of extra space across the ball of the foot. If you have high-volume orthotics you may feel more comfortable in a mega shoe.

Women fits - "Women specific" shoes are a narrower and smaller version of the regular fit option. The heel and ankle areas have also been narrowed.

How do I know if its a good fit?
Some people have narrow heels, if you know this to be true we recommend getting a shoe with a heel retention device. This will allow the heel to be narrowed.


Is it too small? If you stand up with your shoes on and your toes are touching the front, your shoe is small. You don't want any toes touching the front of the shoe, this will create hot or numb toes on long rides. You want to be able to wiggle your toes a bit, but not feel like they are "sloshing around"

Tip* Try on your new Sidi Shoes with the cycling socks you normally wear

If the shoe doesn't fit? Don't worry, we offer a 1 free resize policy to make sure you are very comfortable on your bike